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Next Meeting ...

Girl’s Night Out At Three Dollar Cafe (Barrett Pkwy Location)
7pm, Tuesday, March 16th

We’ve got a lot to discuss...

A fun time for us all to kick back and relax,
enjoy St. Patrick’s Day (a day early)!

GA Zeta Day Alert!

To join in the fun...we need to know if you’re going to GA State Day. If so, it will cost $26.  Our registration form and money must be in by March 19th.  Please bring your check made payable to Cobb County ZTA to our March 16th meeting.  To make hotel reservations, you can obtain the $45/room discount if you make reservations by April 2nd at the Holiday Inn Tifton. Let’s get a group together  and roadtrip to TIFTON (wahoo!).  The more the merrier! It’ll be great to have a respectable turnout from our chapter!
If you would like to go, but can’t be at the meeting to register, please send your registration money ($26) to Laura Bugg at 560 Heyward Circle, Marietta, GA 30064, and let her know you would like to go before March 19th.

February’s  Meeting

We had a wonderful time swapping beauty tips and beauty items with the DeKalb Alumnae group last month!  It was very nice of Jennifer of the DeKalb group to invite us all into her home.

MOST POPULAR BEAUTY ITEM:  Moisture Gloves for overnight wear with lotion
BEAUTY TIP TO REMEMBER:  Don’t pluck your eyebrows on the outside.  As you age, they recede from the outside!
BEST FOOD ITEM:  Dana, we would all love to have your chocolate trifle dessert recipe... (Maybe in the next newsletter?)

Miscellaneous Notes